The post written yesterday on litigators and memory has already given rise to a large number of responses, particularly on Twitter.  It is worthwhile taking the matter further by considering how and when a litigator should take stock of the quality of the evidence. There is much to be gained by making a critical examination of […]

A single moment of logical thought will lead to the conclusion that it is strange that lawyers don’t learn about memory.  Much (indeed most) litigation relies on the memory of the parties.  Judges are, more often than not, called upon to decide whose memory of events is the most accurate. The judge cannot shy away […]

There is a brief report on  Browne Jacobson Insurance Law about a case that struck out because of a failure to pay the correct fees. THE REPORT The report is brief and does not give the date of the judgment or level of judge. The facts The claimant, prior to issue, put forward several schedules […]

There have been a series of judgments in the civil courts, notably from Jackson L.J., commenting on the length of skeleton arguments.  The criminal courts are not immune. In R -v- Brandford [2016] EWCA Crim 1749 the Court of Appeal Criminal Division had strong words to say about the length of the skeleton arguments in […]

There has been an unusual amount of sympathy today on Twitter for the report of a newly qualified solicitor who was struck off.  The solicitor “had ‘messed up’ on a handful of the 170 cases he was handling and did not seek help from colleagues”. “…there always is a lot to learn. You never can […]

The judgment of Master Matthew in Phelps -v- Button [2016] EWHC 3185 (Ch) emphasises the dangers of delay and non compliance. “…I will observe that the Court ethos has changed enormously since the days of Lord Denning and the two Court of Appeal decisions to which I have referred. I will not say that in […]

There is an interesting judgment by Stuart Brown QC (sitting as a judge of the High Court) in Nesbit Law Group LLP -v- Acasta European Insurance Company Limited (Leeds Mercantile Court 15.9.16). The judgment is available here nesbitjudgment A judgment on a supplementary issue is available here nesbitprelim The Note in relation to permission to appeal is […]